As easy as 1, 2, 3.


"Simpl3" represents the three simple steps that used on every project to insure your company's creative needs are met.


1. The Wireframe

No one understands your company better than you, step one starts with listening to you and assessing your company's individual needs. Once a direction for the project is set, a blueprint for your project called "wireframe" is created to help concentrate on functionality, behavior, and priority of content.



2. Concept

After the wireframe is approved, a full colour concept is created of select pages. This makes sure we are on the same page, design wise.


3. Design


After an approved concept is established, the design is fully fleshed out for your final approval.


I have used and continue to use Juliana for our company’s graphic work. She is excellent at the visual art of placing information into pictures and obviating the need for long explainations. She is thoroughly professional with a good ear for what the client requires and yet not afraid to offer suggestions.
— David Segelov, Chief Executive Officer, Board Member at Star Gold Corporation (SRGZ)